Fire Man Turn Out Gear SA/NFS European Style
Fire Man Turn Out Gear SA/NFS European Style
Fire Man Turn Out Gear SA/NFS European Style
Ref#: AQR-FG-9021

Fire Man Turn out Gearconsists of Jackets/TOG(Turnout Gear)/Trouser Tor provides ultimate protecion against fire, heat and flame hazards due to using of 100% Nomex LLL-A(only by Dupont)with extra ordinary garments life. Moisture barrier keeps jacket Lighter in weieght in wet condition.Nomae LLL-A felt stops condcutive in heat and resuIting better works for the wearer sweat absorbent fire retardant treated cotton fabric wick away body moisture for a cooler and comfortable working impact. Fire Layer: Outer sheII is 7.5 OZ/YD woven twiII fabric made of Nomex III-A with TefLon coating. Second Layer: Moisture barrier fabric. Third layer: Nomex III-A felt 3mm thick as thermal barrier. Fourth Layer: 100% FRT woven cotton fabrice with seat absorbent finish especiaIIy treated for skin protection. Jacket Features: Three loops for faII protection belt-radio hangingf loop adjustable cuff with FRT velcro Nomex lll-A knitted wrist grip and heavy duty brass breakaway zipper# 10,flap covering for front zipper opening glove utility strap,Relflector Tape, Elbow in inner conissts kevlar pads for more protection and safety, left side internal two covered pockets- double needle stitching for extra strength and durability, stitched with kevlar sewing thread. Trouser Feartures: Reflector tabe at bottom knee in inner consists kevlar pads give more strength and protection for wear, double needle stitching for extra strength and durabillity,stitched with kevlar sewing thread.


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