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Our company established in 1985 has been dealing from the very start with the production of gloves. At the beginning the company dealt only with production of horse riding and fancy gloves, but after several years the company AQR Traders Regd. expanded its portfolio to special gloves intended for usage in army, police forces and especially by fire-fighters.

The company AQR Traders Regd. as a Pakistani production company provides supplies for the Army Forces of all over the world and covers 90% of the market with fire-fighting gloves in USA. Results of export activities of the company AQR Traders Regd. not only in Pakistan is a significant success and fulfilment of company’s long-term objectives. The company AQR Traders Regd. currently exports its products to 15 countries of the world including USA, Russia and Eastern Asia. 

Very high standard of quality and safety values of our products remain the most potent moment of our work. This statement is documented by the acquired quality certificate ISO 9001:2008  and all necessary certifications of our products pursuant to strict Worldwide standards. 
The main criterion of the company is its absolute emphasis on the quality of its own products, continuous development of new products and especially fulfilment of the central idea of AQR Traders Regd.: „your safety comes first“.

To expand our position on the market in today’s demanding competitive conditions and to further build the corporate brand, we will continue to base our activity on following strategic points:
-      Continuous striving to fulfil all requirements of our clients with regard to both quality and deadlines shall become the joint effort of the management and all employees. We will therefore carefully analyze all needs of clients, their requirements, comments and ideas.
-      We will continuously improve the efficient system of quality and environment management, where we will put emphasis especially on regular determination and inspection of concrete quality and environmental objectives for processes in the company.
-      We will pay systematic care to education of our young employees, because it is them who provide by their personal engagement and activity prosperity of our company.
-      We are aware that we shall in all our doings observe all requirements of legislative and superior regulations, i.e. laws, decrees and directives, including regulations of the local administration.

We believe that only the consistent execution of this strategy can provide the future and prosperity of our company and thereby also social certainty of all employees and that we will contribute to provision of a healthy environment in the region.



Postal Address: Nasir Road, Near Nadra Office, Sialkot, 51310, Pakistan.
Tel. # + 92 524 593650.
Fax. # + 92 524 589613
Cell.# + 92 300 8712616
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