Lab Coats SA/NLC
Lab Coats SA/NLC
Lab Coats SA/NLC
Ref#: AQR-LB-9001

Laboratory Coats are generally Produced in Nomex® weaved fabric piece dyed. Coats are produced in different colors and designing according to the area of usage. These coats are stitched with Nomex® or kevlar® thread, FRT Buttons and FRT Velcro. Ergonometric design en-sure comfort for the user. LAB COAT FEATURE: 2-Front lower pockets, 1-Chest pocket & 1-pen pocket front closure with FRT velcro or FRT Button. FABRIC FEATURE: Plain 1x1 weave Available colors Orange, Royal Blue, Black, Yellow. 4.5 OZ/YD², 5.2 OZ/YD², 6.0 OZ/yd². Water Repellent finish Size range from S,M,L,XL,2XL,3XL,4XL Nomex® Characteristics: Nomex® fiber is inherently heat, flash and flame resistant Nomex® does not ignite or burn nor melt or drip and decomposes above 427ᵒC (800 F) Nomex® acts as a heat repellent barrier for insulating conductive heat transfer Nomex® keeps its characteristics from the first to last day of garments life Recommended Use Area: Petroleum industries, Petrochemical industries, Oil and Gas fields, Electricity and Gas utility workers, Steel mills and steel re-rolling mills, Gasoline dispenser workers, Food industry


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